Catalog Fundraiser


2024 Spring Catalog Fundraiser:

REAMS, RMS-CES and RHS students have the opportunity to sell food and gift items to their family and friends to raise money for their schools.  Families are welcome to make a donation in lieu of selling.

Catalog Fundraising Goals:

PreK – 3rd GradeREAMS Field Trips
4th GradeDeep Portage Trip
5th GradeDeep Portage Trip
6th & 7th GradeRMS-CES Field Trips
8th GradeRHS Band & Choir Trips
9th – 11th GradeRHS Band & Choir Trips

Proceeds for Deep Portage and RHS Band and Choir Trips are deposited into individual student accounts. High School students who are not in band or choir are welcome to sell. Those proceeds will go into the RHS Music Fund.


March 14 – Fundraiser kick off at REAMS/RMS
March 15 – Fundraiser kick off at RHS Band/Choir classes.
April 5 – Order forms due / Online sales due
May 15 – Delivery at REAMS gym, 2:45 – 6:00pm

Get Started:

Register in the Clubhouse below:
  1. Register with your child’s school (you will need to register for each school)
  2. Send 10 emails from the Clubhouse

Catalog Selling Tips | Catalog Fundraiser FAQs

Sage Tuition Rewards:

Students can start earning college tuition as early as Kindergarten!

Check out the flyer inside your packet for details on how to earn $2,500 toward college tuition at over 440 private colleges and universities!

VERY IMPORTANTto earn college tuition:

  1. In order to earn your first $500 you must register online and send 10 messages using the Clubhouse online system.
  2. Earn an additional $750 when you sell 10 items online.
  3. Earn an additional $1,250 when you sell another 10 items online (20 items total)

    Total you can earn: $2,500!

Sophie’s Story (coming soon)

Donation Option:

Do you support this cause but would rather make a donation?

Check or Cash – include DONATION SLIP

Past Catalog Sales: 

REAMS raised $6,247.42 for Field Trips
RMS-CES raised $3,250.16 for Field Trips
RHS raised $90.32 for College and Career

REAMS and RMS-CES raised $14,177.86 for the Greenhouse
Preschool raised $1,758.03 for Creative Curriculum Materials

Preschool raised $2,600 for a light table and more!
REAMS raised $13,200 for Field Trips and Backpack Books
RMS-CES raised $6,200 for Field Trips

REAMS and RMS-CES raised $23,616.23

REAMS and RMS-CES raised $30,380.60

REAMS and RMS-CES raised $19,059.05