We support Rockford teachers by funding items needed in their classrooms, which are beyond their normal annual classroom budgets.


How much funding is available per trimester for the Teacher Mini-Grant Program?
We award at least $1,500 per trimester.
Additional funds will be added from the Thank-A-Teacher fundraiser.

How much can I ask for in funds?
You can ask for any amount.
Depending on the grant and the number of grant applications, the Foundation could decide to fund all, partial or none of the request.

What is the purpose of the mini-grant?
The Rockford Education Foundation provides mini-grants to aid teachers with additional tools to improve the academic achievement of students.

Who is eligible?
Kindergarten through grade 12 classroom teachers employed by the Rockford Area School District #883, including special services professionals, are eligible for mini-grants.

What type of projects are funded?
Any project, program or tool that enhances student learning and aids educators in a successful classroom or off site educational experience.

We will NOT reward grants for:

  • Reimbursements of past items and projects
  • Alterations to classroom interiors
  • Childcare
  • Food
  • Basic school supplies that are not integral to a project’s grant application

How much can I ask for?
A total of $1,000 is awarded every trimester.  This amount may be awarded in full for one grant application OR it may be split among multiple grant applications.  For example, $750 may be awarded to one grant applicant, while $250 is awarded to another.  In some cases, the Board could award the applicant(s) a partial amount of their request.

What are the keys to a successful grant application:
Applications submitted must:

  • Demonstrate that students will benefit directly from the grant funding
  • State clear linkages to the district-approved goals, curriculum and/or state standards
  • Include a detailed budget and list of any other sources of funding