Board of Directors & Staff

Board Officers & Staff

Jill Pennings, President
Jill is a Special Education Teacher in Wayzata Public Schools. She is married to Mr. Pennings, the 9th grade social studies teacher. Jill and her husband Ben reside in Corcoran and are parents to a 10th grader and 7th grader. REF Board Member since 2014.

Carey Kelvie
Carey is a licensed cosmetologist and works for Scruples Professional Salon Products as a Technical Assistance Adviser and a Salon Manager at Cherrywood Pointe of Plymouth. Carey and her husband Nick live in Greenfield. They have 2 children – a 10th grader and 7th grader. REF Board Member since August 2017.

Laura Franklin, Treasurer
Laura is a Credit Analyst/Vice President of Bankwest in Rockford.  Laura and her husband Bryan reside in Rockford Township and are parents to a 8th grader and 7th grader. REF Board Member since August 2017.

Kelly Kinnan, Secretary
Kelly is a Doctor at the Pipe Trades Clinic in Maple Grove and a Rockford Alum. Her and her husband Mike Live in Rogers and open enroll their two children, who are in 7th and 4th grades.  REF Board Member since August 2018.

Kelly Grimm, Executive Director
Kelly is a graphic designer/art director and part time staff for the Rockford Education Foundation. Kelly and her husband Peter reside in Rockford and are parents to a son in 11th grade and daughter in 10th grade. Kelly was a board member from 2011-2014 and has been the Executive Director since 2015.

Board of Directors

Melonie Robran
Melonie is a dance instructor for Rockford Community Ed and helps her family run Hill’s Gardens in Albert Lea.  She also volunteers as a Rockford track coach. Melonie and her husband Chad reside in Greenfield and are parents to an 12th grader and 7th grader. Melonie has served on the board since 2011.

Robyn Schuman
Robyn is a Data and Business Consultant at Cargill.  Robyn and her husband Joel reside in Greenfield and are parents to a daughter in 12th grade and son in 9th grade. She has been on the Foundation Board since 2012, and served as treasurer for 4 years.

Art Wachholz
 Art is a High School IB History Teacher at Osseo Public School District. Art and his wife Angie live in Rockford and have daughters in 8th and 4rd grades.  REF Board Member since August 2019.

Laurie Cancino
Laurie is a Project Planning Specialist for Great Clips HQ.  Laurie and her husband Robert reside in Rockford and are parents to a 7th grader and 3rd grader. REF Board Member since January 2022.

Jessica Lappe
Jessica is a Talent Acquisition Leader at CHS.  Jessica and her husband Dalin reside in Rockford, MN and have 3 school-aged children who are in 11th, 8th and 1st grades. REF Board Member since 2021.

Susie Wagner
Susie is a yoga and strength instructor at Live True Yoga in Plymouth and Buffalo. Susie and her husband, Jeremy, live in Greenfield and are parents of 3 children. Their oldest son, an AirForce Staff Sergeant, an 8th grade daughter at RMS, and a 2nd grade son at REAMS. Susie has been a member of the board since August 2021.

Kevin Sjodin
REF Board Member since August 2021.

Aaron Hunter
Aaron is the General Manager of FlyOver America at Mall of America. Aaron and his wife Shannon live in Rockford with their 3 sons; 2nd grade, five and two year old. REF board member since July 2021


Rhonda Dean
Paul Menard
Brenda Nyhus
Bobbi Anderson-Hume

Teacher Liaisons

Mali Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher
Alex Probst, First Grade Teacher
Jan Hendrickson, 7th Grade Teacher
Sarah Gunderson, RMS Art Teacher
Jessica Matheson, RHS Health Teacher
Paul Stariha, RHS Special Education Teacher