Stacy Welborn

EL Teacher


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Where did you grow up?
Faribault, Minnesota

Where High School did you graduate from?
Faribault Senior High School

Where did you attend college?

Additional education or training?
I went to Mankato State University to pursue my MA in Spanish, and St. Mary’s University of St. Paul for an MA in Education

How many years have you been a teacher?
I have been teaching English learners for 29 years. I’ve been in Rockford for six years.

Describe your job as an EL Teacher
My job in Rockford has been to teach English to secondary students who have grown up speaking a language other than English at home. Sometimes they come to school as young children, but some of them first arrive as middle school or high school students speaking no English at all. They need extra help to “catch up” to their English-speaking peers in a short amount of time.

What do you look most forward to everyday at Rockford?
I look forward to seeing my students and colleagues every day. I have been truly lucky to end my teaching career in Rockford. I will miss everyone so much.

What is one of your most memorable moments as a teacher?
I don’t have just one. My career has been filled with so many great moments with students who have taught me more than I ever taught them.

I am the oldest of four siblings, and I have a great husband who has two children and two granddaughters who are 5 and 7.

What are your plans when you retire?
I hope to spend more time with my family, do a little traveling, read more, and maybe even do some writing.

Retirement Date
Spring, 2021


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